Sunday, November 9, 2008


Thanks for the wonderful comments that so many people have left me. You are all so right. I have ALWAYS lived for everyone else in my life. I tried to please my mom and step dad as a child and I tried to please my husband and children as an adult. I often forgot about me. I believe now is the time I need to live for me a little. I will always be the nurturing person that I am, but I am going to think of myself a little more and try to do what makes ME happy. I don't want to always sound so negative in my posts. I hope it doesn't come across as that. For every bad thing that happens, there is usually 3 great things that happen, also. David and I are communicating better than we have in a very long time. I hope to always have this openness for the boys. This has been a learning experience. I now know what I am willing to "put up" with and I will not waste another day being unhappy. He and I are both happy now and I believe that makes us better parents. Pray that we will do what is best for the boys and only bring out the best in each other from this point on.

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